Monday, October 13, 2008

Exotic Pet

Today i would like to intro u guys something real cool that i meet up lately.
That is, this, my primary school friend suddenly get addicted to this EXOTIC PET, and eventually he become one of the exotic pet supplyer in town :D

and i arranged time to meet up with him last saturday, just to see the pet but was so regret i din't prepare props and accessories to go over his house and shoot all this cool little creatures.

With low and bad circumstances this is wat i can come only, hope it still attracts enough.
Alright, check out the photo i shoot :D

Do not doubt on this little creature, it cost about RM600
wat species and name i also forgot liao, because their scientific name is kinda hard to remember. haha!

a shy chameleon
i'm not sure whether its a "he" or "she"
forgot to ask my friend, but he/she is in the process of shading their skin (is it called it this way?) overall, this is another cool creatures where i like its eyes.
Its like an observing orbs that roll nearly 180 degree from up to down from left to right.

now this fellaw is very very very fiercesome!
because when i get near with it to shoot photo of it, he/she temp to kill me with its JAW~!
gosh! see his/her mouth!? freaking big, can even swallow my finger~~~
not sure with the name, but i know its from AMAZON!

ahahah~ this is the most stupid tortoise i ever seen, because u look in his face, you'll realise that he is like smiling with you, look stupid and weird :D

This, my friend call it the "sampah chia" (gabage car) because no matter wat u throw inside, he will just eat it. When i see at it, i feel that this frogs life is seriously miserable, because other than sitting that day dreaming, breath and eat, he is just doing nothing there...

This yellow gecko is so so so nice i tell you...
the 1st sight i see it only i've already addicted with it, the colour tone is sooooo nice~!!!
unbelivable, if i wanna own it, it'll probabli cost me RM600+ if i din't forgotten about the pricing. The name is sort of leopord or something, also forgot liao, whahah~

Last but not least, the tarantula~ this tarantula is quite healthy which i heard from my friends says that the colour tone and the strips are nice.

still have a lots lots lots of them, but i can manage to took it all where it is seriously time consuming and i'm in a rush last saturday.

Well, addicted to this already, feeling wanna quickly get a macro lens and shoot LOL~
hope i'll manage some time in this month, and travel to his house and shoot some real shit with prepared condition :D