Monday, June 30, 2008

W3Rk Phuket Trip 08 - Day 1

Appologize~1 month no updates, this is definately make alot ppl dissapointed.
Further more, my english standard had slowly "not-up-to-standard" liao.
so, wrong spelling, grammar mistake alot, dun mind it, jus yea know, enjoi XD

ppl : alright, wats going this june ?
qbert : aiks... busy busy busy and .... busy~

ppl : apa tu so busy uh?
qbert : tak tau pun, busy working, and accompany my dearest XP

ppl : oooo~! like dat la~ dun always pak to pak to ah~ remember to update mah~
qbert : haiyo, its not that dun wan update, but no story dude... my life now are all about her...
so, duno wanna write wat lo...

ppl : write about her lah!
qbert : ah herm... we need some privacy mah... further more this blog is mainly about my hobby,
not about her =. =

ppl : ok la, dun angry dude
qbert : i wont brothers/sisters, alright, craps over, watch-out for phukey strike~! ... i mean PHUKET TRIP~!

alright, wat we have here, early in da morning, 9.30am, penang airport...
and aih, old school lo, group photo lo, chit-chat and shit like that...

while waiting to abort to fire fly, we have more chit chat ...


Finally, the fire fly that we are going to on board~

oh my gosh! see where was my sit !?
its juz beside the propeller ~
its loud and ... its DANGER~

but, manage to get a lot cool shoot :D
propeller with penang ~

Finally arrive phuket, and guess wut?
i'm out of battery until we'r at hotel, quickly i charge the battery for half hour only.
The battery will spoil soon or later if i continue doing that =. =
ALRIGHT~ 2 bar is up! boh chap siao~! loaded! and go out and shoot!

After we arrive at the airport, our tour guide, aunty ANU~ found us and blah blah blah~ bring us here and there, makan angin, buy local's sotong, tit-bits~
and our stanly~ buy tit-bits already cost him RM80+ GOSH~!
zhao hue eh ginna~

Aunty ANU also told us that , the cost of living in THAILAND~ is much more higher than malaysian, so, i dun belive that in the 1st place... but soon... we'll find out :D

Then aunty anu throw us at the hotel, after that, she took off and leave us on our own d~
but, thats the trip of wat we planned at 1st :D
the 1st photo i took using my 450D in phuket is wat ?
in hotel's elevator, and i din't took hotel's logo ...
it is because the hotel's logo is really ugly... so, skip it!
The hotel name is BAUMANBURI, the service is quite ok lah, bu cuo bu cuo~!

Now i really like this shoot, i wont talk much about it,
i think u guys know why i like it :P

FOOOOD~! wahahah~it is quite delicious
but =.= nothing much different compare to penang's lobak+loklok
the only thing different is the sauce, damn nice, spicy and hot!
and its only cost ... 10 bath EACH~ CHEAP!
i ate 3 stick, and its quite full already :D

Look, its delicious, u can see it from his face here...

night scene in PATONG TOWN.
One odd thing in this town is, u'll see FAMILY MART
and 7 ELEVEN all around the place, every 10minit of walk,
you'll see either one or both of them...
it is really super CONVENIAN~

Planning to go JUNGCYCELON shopping center, but seems like kinda FAR away from where we are... heard the casher say need about 30 minutes of walking ... but the angmo said need 15 minit onli and ....

HELL YEA~ we are there now, it took us 30 minutes =. = (maybe more than that, because we walk and shop around so, not quite sure, juz know that its quite far away!!!)
why? because angmo is taking motor, thats why 15 minute~! maybe less than that
SO~ its me and JUNGCYCELON~
this shopping center is indeeeed big~
inside got ROBINSON, and duno wat lagi, macam macam~
but the shits here all are quite expensive, like aunty anu said in the beginning~

to be continue ...

Thursday, June 05, 2008










Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Guess wat?

new monitor
(self portrait on monitor :P)

Brand new monitor HDMI HP w2208h ~

again~ panorama from my desk :P

hahah, sorry for the late update.
YEa! New image of my company :D
Its W3RK ~ wohooo ~!!!