Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ok, its mother's birthday, normally, we don't celebrate but i wonder why this year i feel like i should. Maybe i feel like i've not being a good son after all T^T. Well, what ever, it was thursday, i took leave and i surprise her for not going to work because normally she went to hiking early in the morning.

It was soooooooooooo hot that thursday after a cold morning, we have a droughty afternoon....

Begin the story of my fatty face, its getting fatter and bigger everyday and i'm glad girlfriend is still as pretty as always :) see how big and far can i go before i really going back to the college look. (possible??)

ok, arrive at queensbay finally, surprisingly, a lot people but no need to que like last time. Well when i saw that packet of tissue, i feel like being forcely to pay for that, and i'm not feeling so good about it.

Every one think its complimentary.... well, every one knows the truth = .= RM2 for this freaking small potion of ground nuts, terrible.... mother starts to complain about it after she saw the resit, we'll get to this later.

A seriously friendly waiter who wears red, he was so friendly until he offer himself to help me took this photo. Well, why not? But one thing i feel like he is pro, because he even teach me how to use DSLR, he say i should set 200 ISO is enough. (he din't know i purposely put iso 400 for him due to i scare of camera shake) Then he teach me to use F 1/60 , i was so surprise.... and wonder, what is F 1/60? den only i realise he wan to say shutter speed 1/60, how cute... and he some more say " don tell others that i teach u.....".

Well, i'm not laughing at him but i think i should share this, because due to his friendly-ness. But one thing, i feel that he should polish up his photography knowledge before he go confuse on others.

We order quite a lot of foods, jus enough for 4 :)
i know this meal is going to cost a lot, so i ate a packet of economy rice before i went queensbay :D HELL YEA~

Here comes, beef lamen (红烧牛腩拉面)

si chuan mala dandan mian (some might find this is hard to pronous, i think in chinese is 四川麻辣排骨担担面)  

A not to miss, shanghai small cage bao上海小笼包 ( i know the english name is wrong.)

tryout, shanghai fresh meat stick pan 上海鲜肉锅贴

wuuuuoooo~~ red red~

enjoi-ing the food with not a so happy face...

ar, nearly forgot, this is the pork ribs that comes along with si chuan dan dan mian 四川麻辣排骨担担面

DB. Harsimar - i duno wats the english name, the resit wrote it this way. But in chinese is 红莲炖雪蛤 nice~

and this is very nice, crispy yam roll 泥茸酥

jus this feel things only, RM112.70, mother was complaining non-stop after the meal, lolz =. = i say, she worked to hard, and way too save, and she comment the food was not so godly as people said.... he had a better one in shanghai =. = i try to calm her down by saying, its shanghai's shanghai and penang's shanghai, u can't compare one ma~ but i also feel dissapointed a bit lo.
But can't judge them like that also, maybe i ordered the wrong food?

Before lari, shoot a photo 1st (without me T^T)

Another shoot, with fooods :D
After that we had movie, was planning to watch terminator : salvation, but sadly left 1st 4 row, so we end up watching NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2. wahhahahaah~ very funny movie, rated 7/10, the story is quite well, i accept it, it is funny, so, don't get too serious with what the story about :)

Night, end up mother treat back us, because i'm officially broked!
We ate at my house nearby... chinese cantonese style restaurent aka zucha 煮炒

the out look of the very locally-looked penang styles modernized kopitiam. (the name below pls read them in hokkien)

bla-azan kay.

kali hang-nga hu.

thi-ban dao-hu.

cha dao-gieh.

Another i miss out, its
chai xim cha-zap.
sorry folks, i was very hungry :D

after we fill-up our tummy-zai, mother pay, and its just only RM31.50 and tauke-soh some more discount for us, RM30. Drinks, 2 "932" (its a kind of drink they put "kiet-lah + sui-bueh" and it taste awesome!) 1 teh ais, 1 kiet-poh, RM4.30

Mother says a quote after paying the bill :"See, we can come here eat 4 times, but if dragon-i, we only eat once!". i nearly fainted, lolz~ mother oh mother~

happy birthday, mother! no cake for u, paiseh~
ala, she just not so like to eat cake la :P

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last year better than this year !

after a few time watching this year's dragon boat fest photo, i feel so fuxking dissapointed...

heres last year 2008 one...

Using Mac Tan L lens, and able to stand at the boat landing place and also lake side.
This year, what also cannot =. = BORING!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dragon Boat 2009

This years dragon boat, its not like last year.
Last year are better, this year... i would say it is a much more smaller versions of dragon boat racing. I went over to mao's place at 12 noon (the plan should be 8.30am)... Well, than we went over to ah weei's house, he haven't came back yet, so we wait =. =

While waiting, saw his new dog? After questioning him, he say the black dog is getting old and the fur turned into white.... how funny that answer was... =. =

1pm, hot, hot, hot, and HOT~!!!

It was 1pm, so, they were taking rest, nap, eat, pee and shit or bath or what ever, so, no racing at that moment.

tauke weei in action.

tauke weei in action 2.
2 gay? don't know, they are looking down to the lake, i wonder why?


lolz, i wanted to put it back, but i wonder who the hell should i find to put it back ???

a lots of balloon~

dudes and chicks~

dude and chicks 2

aunty and ahmah too!

dude and......... aunty? arh~ singaporean :)

more dude and chicks 3...

dude and chicks 4 (wtf =.=)

aunty and ahmah waving hands :)

aunty and ahmah waving hand 2 (seriously....)

Legs with tattooo.

Shoulder with tattooo.

aaaaaaaaaa~~~ after the long wait, this dude appear. (hell yea, everyone is waiting for this dude)

CLAPS!!!! (faster talk and faster habis pls)

dude and chicks 5 (gosh!!!)

I wonder what kind of camera is that ?? isit camera or video camcorder or handphone?

oooo nah nah, the coolest dude wat to make the opening ceremony d.

wa... he teaching his son how to CUT.

but than the mother say NO, see her hand, grabbing the kids left arm?

the photographers.

come come come, faster lets go home~

the photographers (how pathetic....)
LOLZ~ kidding la, they working mar, see they work so hard! (i wonder how many of them are not from the media....)

See, no need to rush one ma, i stand far far also got a shoot la :D

HONG KONG dude and chicks.

i love this team from america :D DOUBLE BACON CHEESE BURGER, i wonder how burger can row the dragon boat, i seriously want to see that :]

Finally, gettin' ready!

This year i don have a free pass, can't go down to the boat marshall section.... only can shoot from far and EVEN WORST !!!! the lake side are no restricted =. = totaly cut out our mood to shoot... seriously sucks! and i wonder who fall down to the lake last year, i bet mus be some sort of accident happens, thats why they restrict our photographer's privellage!


row row row your boat~

Gently down the stream.
If you see a crocodile~ don't forgot to scream~ YAY~!!!!!! er i dun know who win also lolz.

After that, saw this action kid, he is so yeng! he ran down the hill side from another side, and climbs this 45 degree slops .... cool kid, i wonder how his parent looks like :P

End up drinking tong sui :D so hot leh, seriously refreshing!

Thats the end of dragon boat 2009, after that, we drive to TARC area, found this KILL ZONE Cyber Cafe.... er ..... the real name is Q zone, the logo got one cute lil penguin, at 1st when khangwei mention it verbally he say :" lets go Q zone! ", but we all thought it was KILL ZONE until.... were there and surprisingly, it was Q zone lolz~ and i forgot to shoot a photo of it (damn it....)