Friday, June 26, 2009

Swtich Fair

Sorry for late updates :)

intro, i forgot whether this is shoot by me or tzumao d, but anyway, feel this is nice! Because the light above mini logo create an effect that looks like white halo and makes mini logo look like an angel
oppps... under expose d :P

snapshot on the stering.

saw this guy.... look so familiar...


ooo , want to lauching d, see, our YB talking, so yeng zai~

nah, cut liao lo~

ho, see this gina, so enjoi playing his red PSP... wait RED PSP !? shit i always wanted a red psp T^T !!!!

showing off intous4

YB no concerntrate, keep on talk on phone~

HA!!! ah zai! hey bro, i like ur drama that Mr.Siao's Hanson~ hahaha!

You so serious here, totali different like u in the mr.siao's comedy -, -

oooo sohai~ hahahaha

ha~ this la , MEN~

the end :P stay tune!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life is getting pathetic

I'm not trying to be negative here but now heres the truth about me since the past 2 weeks. I'm not feeling well at all, nothing happy happens within the 2 weeks, my relationship, communication, design, career, photography, financial seems like have meet their "turning" point.

I started to feel like why i live as a human and live each such unhappy day. Why is my life suddenly turn into such pathetic way? Is it because i keep on saying noob and pathetic and i attract those shits around me? law of attraction, AGAIN!?

Well, fuxk off, i don wan to believe in law of attraction, because thats what those english ppl made up to make money, jus like the movie YES MEN! it won't work if u keep on saying yes to everything! I NEED TO SAY NO!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PC BaoZha

My house dekstop gone case last week, and plus i'm busy with few rush work load =. = So i was not able to update, but i'll update on this weekend :) stay tune!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Gundam Mid Year Challenge

Do you guys know that gurney plaza new wing area got this event that last for 1 month? They are selling a lot of toys and gachapon. I was quite stun to see all those toys there and i'm deeply poison and not feeling wanted to go home.

There were also having competition, its the Mid year Competition and one of my friend HowardKhor is joining the competition and heres his gundam.

Whoala damn nice weathering, its the famous PSYCHO GUNDAM, althought it is just HG 1/144
but, the size is almost bigger than MG due to the real scale gundam, this psycho gundam is one hell of a big big big big big machine.

Seriously nice, i like the platform so much, it does not look like others, some ppl did it quite fake. Wasted.

He is a designer too, so as for the design, its not design anymore, its BRANDING~! @@||| if u visit his blog, you'll know that he is now even doing a brouchure that explain everything and the progress of this psycholossus.

Can't stop taking photo of its front view, this time with flash.

Lower angle to shoot its weist.

45 degree side.

Check out the details on the foot.

sipek like the weathering, its plastic but looks like metal !

gosh....... some more the platform is so nice!

can't stop shooting!

haha , ok now is something else , the famous LUBU and the armies!

a lot a lot of armies :P

another famous char , GUAN YU! with CHI TU MA (red rabbit horse)

the beautiful men, ZHOU YU (not the orange one, the gold one)

another angle of different types of soldiers!

For sake the 1st time in penang, u see this much of gundam on sales, i nearly gone crazy =. =!!!!

Fuxking poison!
chrome version shiba-i sazabi, last month i found around penang, only found it in uncle's shop selling RM48, now ITS WHOLE BUNCH DOWN HERE!!!! RM45 some more LESS 25%!!!! FUXKS~~~~~ but i din't buy too, lolz~

this one, is WAY MUCH TOOO EXPENSIVE already =. = RM450, how possible is the price....
even potong 25% also not worth!

another.... SINANJU, last time i find in penang, find til crazy, but luckily i brought it at RM250, now??? guess how much?? RM380...... but see the stock........... 7 column and each row have 3.... total of 21 at least!

see ..... the stock is scary !!

hua, even ahmah also go play gachapon at there, see them quite enjoi-ing o, make me wanna go buy also~

found this ...... lolz~

i still din't get this......... shit!

wahahah , andrew saw something he wan, but still considering because he pokai d :D
YEA girls :D wang liu mei~~~ but no point eh, din't see this in the animation also, duno why got bikini gurls on this charecter =. =

hmmmmp.... still wondering......

hahaha , i like JIOBA!!!

LAME, but i feel i wan to buy lo= .=

after that, went lunch, but duno where, walk around... and saw this... Andrew suggest "nah eat at here lo"... and i was like @@||| omg...

look beside, sushi king.... gosh....

than, we go up one more floor to sakae, and we decide to go in, but then....

This big guy appear and say :"lu lang siao ar ? lu lang ai jiak zeh le ar??"

Then we end up here...

not bad, jus opporsite kim gary :)

yea, teppanyaki chicken RM11.90 CHEAP RIGHT?



the big fellaw's seafood set

its nice!

see, he is seriously in hurry wan to eat already!

Andrew's Curry Gyu (beef) very very very nice, but the beef is a bit too few T^T

Here, before lari, shoot the outlook, to make sure those who want to try don go to the wrong shop :)