Monday, November 02, 2009


You know, chinese actually is a very pathetic race. I don mean this on every chinese but there is a small percentage of chinese, that really sucks. They live among us, where we dont even realise it sometime.

Even you realize it, you cant even do a shit thing about it.

Sorry to all of you that i disappear for such long time and i come back with this bull shit. Seriously i meant it, all penangites sucks, including me myself. Me myself drive recklessly, dont ask me why. Each and everyday while i'm on the road out there with my motor or car, i fuxk everyone infront of my road because they all deserves it. I don't fuxking care who the fuxk is infront of me, u drive shit, my mouth definately come out this :" makajibai, kiongkan go home sleep please!", don ask me why i'm rude, because you deserves it.