Thursday, August 27, 2009


the blog will be done in about a week, after a long wait to all my readers, first of course i wan to apologize and very sorry for such long period i din't update my blog.

my dekstop window was corrupted. all my photos are inside dekstop. but luckily in different patition.
macbook's cooler fan was spoiled. auto shut down frequenly.

seems like my fate and destiny changed.
i was once come out from some where i missed, and i was happy about that because i though i would be free. But actually i'm getting much more busier. i wonder why. Some how, i'm sad. don ask why, i'm just wanted to say it out here jus to make myself better.

but, i believe things will get better as justin always told me to be positive and lots of other friends who asked me to do so. well, positive.

everything will be fine.