Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Documentry Monday and Tuesday

Monday morning, yieks~~
work work...

saw this was pretty nice, jus took a snapshot of it.

YAY~ called satay, have dinner at Pulau Tikus Bazaar Area.

Meet up with old friend at old town,
talk shits and chit-chat.
Ordered a black tea, on diet, want to wash oil.

Chicken Ham and Cheese... not good at all =. =

O'neal don wan to took photo with us,
and fuxk, he don even wan to help to took photo
for us, so, we're force to left out alibaba (adrian por)
from left, weng heng, me and Andrew Por a.k.a. 成龙 (承龙)


Tuesday was nothing much, just work and eat...
forget about lunch =. =
Just some economy rice at one-stop waffles.

Dinner with dear at chinese cook-fried (guangdong style)
at NAN YUAN just beside TUNE HOTEL.

Fried rice, my all-time favorite, but i din't order

Mine :)
White rice + stir fried vegetable (share with dear)

end of tuesday.


This was 2005

Then 2009

Picture tells the story and history.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday's Little Penang

Sunday morning after drop dear to work, i have no place to go...
so, i recall sat morning chris JIO~ me and dear go lil penang.
Well, i'm going without dear, felt sorry to her >.< 1st arrive, as usual, quite a lot of people and actually,
this street market is very successful, because
it has already last for about 2 years i think... great job!

Accidentally meet this two :o
shueping and etee
from giz wiz studio, but they were just helping ewe jin
to take care of his stall.... the t-shirt design is nice!

Some more with great concept, a big msg - save the earth
plant tree and those quote sounds like propaganda,
to tell US, WE, ME, You, HIM, HER everyone...
please do something to save the earth :X !

show up! with his student i think?

the USUAL partner! Chris and YC
They share both :) and once again,
i fail to be a good photojournalist...
because i miss out her product of necklace...

Chris famous handmade, namely KRIZI

Saw a lot orchid :X

Well, just nice~

They even have kites!


YEA~ kids drawing :)

wondering face, haha :P

A short demo sketch... but no idea what the hell are they
trying to do over there....

Saw a lot photograph kaki over there that day,
around 8~12 ppl i think, all DSLR, now DSLR were cheap
until seems like who also able to affort...

After that a while later, i went over jacky's house to help
out with his MG UNICORN.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday Lunch

Have lunch at gurney and say this guy at GURNEY
working in STAREAST, so any one who wanna get marry
find him loh, he is adorable and a seriously good guy :D

Have lunch at wembery park on 7th floor of gurney.
ordered a V-Soy soya milk drink, best!

Sandwich - so, so .... my sister's sandwich are better than this...

under adrian's intro, i brought this.
and now, lets have a review on this product :D

LOREAL - (pronoun as "LOH-RIAO")
men expert

This is what it does...

explanation of the product.


a lot vitamin C ? i wonder if i can use orange to put on my face
everyday or not leh?

1st for men product ar .... mean its like BETA TEST =. =

results : less skin irritations, less tightness, more comfort
yea this is wat i like :D and its true, i've using it for 3 days now,
and i feel its great

well... u need to do it everyday~

when u say "TECHNOLOGY" i believe this will attract
a lot of male's attention :P

i like the font "men expert"

unique design on the bottle :D nice!

overall : this product really does a great job.
i won't need to suffer from oily face, irritating dust mixture with oil...
yieks ..... its a good product afterall :P

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thursday Night at redbox

it was dailo's pre-bday, ahpong's bday-belated!

The 1st photo was took by the receptionist...
which... all of our ppl are cramp down at the corner there...

But than,
adrian was not satisfied, and he find a chair
set self-timer, and shoot another :D
this look way much better~

ya~ the bro (not gay)

Thats for thursday night :D
Happy birthday to the lovely couple!
Hope to drink soon ~

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Burning Sky

Hell yea, check this out!

jus snapshoot while i'm driving down to gurney last weekend.

jus so nice, long time din't meet this kind of sky already...

yea men, BURN~

p/s : haven't started with SINANJU yet, at all...
450D is coming back this week (hopefully)
jus got back my G9, cheer!

Monday, April 13, 2009


this has been the best rainbow i've ever took :P
check this out!

double-rainbow panorama

Thursday, April 09, 2009


today my 450D masuk hospital already, now pending in penang, soon will send over to KL.
SO~~~ i'll update with WORDS now, no photos T^T

DAD pass down his iphone from china to me =.=
because due to my handphone problems i occur for the past 2 month,
i want to try on a new phone to experiment whether is the YELLOW COMPANY line poor quality,
or my NXKXA phone cannot receive line properly~

as for the iphone dari cina, well, nothing much to comment, everything is inside,
touch screen (sensitivity ok), 2GB, speaker quality LOUD ENUFF, 2mp camera...
is like that la, for a RM300 china iphone, wat u aspect?

will post the look of it when my 450D is back :P

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


monday night, go "kopi i-land" with my dear and mr.leow, mrs.leow

mr.leow ordered a chickan mariland = he say
chickan boh hamik eh ki =.=
but mashi poutahto quite nice :P

mr.leow's fish with cheese rice = duno, he say ok

mrs.leow, she say ok also, but she din't finish it.

not bad!

my dear ordered masi lemak, but i forgot to took a photo of it
she ate half already, so i no take already lo
some other food we ate too fast, also miss out.
because i sick, so i din't order anything, only watch them eat =.=

thats all for sick monday night!