Friday, February 27, 2009

Belated 01/01/2009 night :D

This was the photo i took back than .... 1st day of 2009, dinner at komtar 59 floor.
Going with family and dear :D

before going there, the sky looks like going to have a big rain or tornado

But the sky din't manage to rain also, saw this when i 1st arrive there quickly wihtout think twice, pull out 450D and took one shoot! SATISFACTION!

mother, ahma , dagu, meegu, hamshu, yuanyuan, ahjim , papa

another shoot, but abit shaky and i don't tripod, only handheld

yuanyuan, my lil cousin, so chubee, she very paiseh eh~

yes, she is paiseh, but sexy ~ :D


cute , lol

father was being ask to give out prize to lucky draw winner

mother is the lucky draw winner, won herself 1 "BIG SWEEP" ticket, hahahaha

me and mah dear, 1st 2009 cam whore tru mirror~!!!!!!!

- end -

Thursday, February 26, 2009

MG SINANJU 15% ( 100% simple assemble )

Finally , simple assemble is done! with a total of 10 hour+ spent~
but, satisfying, realli satisfying~!

here are some photos, taken with justin's unicorn!
looks like sinanju is bigger! but, his unicorn is in normal mode, so look smaller.
But when it goes destroy mode it'll "grow" taller :D hahaha~

Box art with both sinanju and unicorn


its simple assemble, so those plastic look cacat =. =

But design wise, this is seriously the best model kit i ever owned!

just nice



Sinanju and my table :D

the tallest and biggest among my other toys :D

p/s : i'm happy :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just started it , with simple assemble, without airbrush, without decals, without sticker, without touch up and without lining.


start of with all this simple tools~
putty and tools pinjam from justin, credits! thanks dude!

Here come the box art

fuxking complicated stuff....


and slowly....

i got this... used about 30minute to get tis done...

1 hour+

1.30 hour+

2 hour+

3 hour+

4 hour+

6 hour ...

its totali zhao hue, a lot of part and all is very complicated,
starting to think of when air brush that time, really can gone gila lo :D
but, nice leh~ good experience~

stay tune, for more updates :D

Monday, February 23, 2009

MG SINANJU - coming soon

teaser 1st - process coming soon

Friday, February 20, 2009

This was shoot on 2008-12-16 , mean last year :D
and it was MOIS 1st anniversary, if i'm not mistaken.
Came across to shoot this event with khan khan, but, i don have external flash back than=.=
and its hell of a hard time for me...

but, never the less, try my best to handle it before khan khan arrive.

Outside of MOIS with chicks and dicks walking around and ready to go in.

Outside of MOIS with big MOIS logo.

i shoot shits =. = lol, but, this is all without flash.

yeah~! the crowd started to get excited liao when the male model walk out

the fashion show was sponsored by JEFFERSON (duno spell right or not)

getting high liao~ lolz~

After the fashion show, i leave early already, khan khan stay back for the rest :d
my 1st experience in low light and shooting in pub, quite exciting :D
but hate those smoke =. =

Thursday, February 19, 2009

215 Phtography outing part 2

After breakfast, we continue journey to shot some shits :D

look kind of distort, duno why :P

So, this is mr.leow :D wahahahahah~ with his gadget!

the end